Terms and Conditions

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General Information

PeProperty Group Aps
CVR: 38347330
Birkevej 12B, 2970 Hørsholm
E-mail: info@adelinabrask.com

Return Policy

You may return your purchase within 30 days of delivery for a full refund, provided that you return the goods in the same state and amount as received. Once we have received and approved the return, we will credit the purchase price to your account within 7 days. The customer covers the shipment cost for returns, unless the return is from our fault.

Cancellation requests shall be sent by email to info@adelinabrask.com, clearly indicating that you wish to exercise your cancellation rights. This shall be sent no later than 30 days after the purchase and the goods shall be shipped back within 30 days as well. You may not exercise your cancellation rights by refusing delivery without notifying us directly as well.

We only accept items in original packaging as returns, and they must be properly packed for shipment.

Conditions, besides the above mentioned, means that the goods will be considered used and no longer will be eligible for a refund.

Returns shall be sent or delivered to:

Adelina Brask
Birkevej 12b
2970 Hørsholm

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us on info@adelinabrask.com

Right of Complaint

Abrask.com offers 2 years right of complaint against defects according to EU regulations. This covers defects from components or manufacture discovered through normal use. The right of complaint does not cover defects, damage or wear caused directly or indirectly by incorrect use, poor maintenance, use of force or unauthorized repair. Complaints about defects, which should be discovered during normal inspection, must be reported to Abrask.com within reasonable time. The goods can then be returned for repair, replacement or, if agreed, for credit. Abrask.com will cover reasonable cost for returns due to approved defects.

For defects, missing shipment or other issues please contact:

Adelina Brask

Birkevej 12b,
2970 Hørsholm
Telephone: +45 50 23 72 58

E-mail: info@adelinabrask.com

To expedite the refund process, we request that returned goods contain sufficient information, such as order confirmation, any correspondence and account information.


In the case of agreed discounts, returned goods or cancelled prepaid goods, Abrask.com will reimburse the paid amount in full or partly. Reimbursements can be processed to the credit card used for payment or to a bank account provided by you.