White Poppy Pendant

780,00 kr 390,00 kr

Snowdrop Pendant Snowdrop Pendant
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Snowdrop Pendant

from 690,00 kr

Forgyldt lille jordbær vedhæng - A.Brask designer smykker Strawberry Necklace
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Strawberry Necklace

699,00 kr 349,50 kr

Blooming Branch Pendant Blooming Branch Pendant
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Blooming Branch Pendant

from 550,00 kr

Frozen Necklace Frozen Necklace
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Frozen Necklace

990,00 kr 495,00 kr

Birds on Branch Pendant Birds on Branch Pendant
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Birds on Branch Pendant

949,00 kr 474,50 kr

White Bloom Necklace - Gold White Bloom Necklace - Gold
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White Bloom Necklace - Gold

1.249,00 kr 590,00 kr

Pink Daisy Pendant

349,00 kr 290,00 kr

Blooming Maple Pendant Blooming Maple Pendant
Blooming Maple Pendant

from 490,00 kr

Curb Chain Curb Chain
Curb Chain

from 219,00 kr

Crocus Pendant Crocus Pendant
Crocus Pendant

from 590,00 kr

Unique. Romantic. Natural. Complete necklaces, made of sustainable 925 Sterling silver, with surprising combinations of gemstones and pearls, unexpected shapes and experimental finishes.

We offer both necklaces and pendants. A pendant allows you to give your necklace a fresh makeover, by combining several pendants and creating your own unique piece of jewelry.