Crocus Earrings Crocus Earrings
Crocus Earrings

950,00 kr

Swallow Earrings Swallow Earrings
Swallow Earrings

750,00 kr 349,00 kr

Dragonfly Earrings Dragonfly Earrings
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Dragonfly Earrings

1.149,00 kr 574,50 kr

Frozen Drop Earrings Frozen Drop Earrings
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Frozen Drop Earrings

1.049,00 kr 524,50 kr

Birds on Branch Earrings Birds on Branch Earrings
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Birds on Branch Earrings

1.049,00 kr 590,00 kr

These sophisticated earrings, are a small part of nature and a truly unique jewelry design. They elegantly frame your face and you will immediately attract many compliments.

We offer discreet studs, or long glittering drop earrings or hoops, so you can find the perfect piece of silver or gold for any outfit and occasion. In addition to our selection of more classic hanging earrings, we also offer "behind the ear" earrings where the hanging part sits behind the ear, creating an exciting effect.